While some features improve with years, others are giving away our chronological age.

We get wiser and stronger but at the same time we develop wrinkles,  lose volume in the lips and cheeks areas and the skin on our faces begins to sag.

If we look even closer, the texture of the skin itself changes as well.

women-looking-mirror1To be more specific:

  1. dark bags or hollowness under eyes
  2. wrinkle form around mouth corners to nose. Some people call them “smile lines” or nasolabial folds.
  3. wrinkles on the forehead or between the eyes
  4. sad lines on the bottom of each corner of the mouth
  5. dark spots on the skin from sun spots
  6. rough skin texture

We don’t  necessarily develop them all once but rather one or two at a time. It’s interesting how all of these things didn’t exist there before age 24-26

The aging process begins earlier and earlier for us due to environmental changes and the poor quality of the foods we eat.  Yet we live longer because of medical innovation. So living longer but looking older is not very promising, for me personally.

While some people accept wrinkles and give up the fight for youth, some of us are looking for ways to preserve the youthful look or reverse the aging process. Personally, i just refuse to give up the fight with aging, because solutions are available and being used by many people, we just aren’t informed about it. People don’t like to share that they have done something to improve the way they look and these anti-aging procedures became so good that you just can’t tell.

Preserve Youthful Look

Going through 20-30 years of age, moisturizers and drinking lots of water may do the trick. Hormone levels are still at the optimal range, so the texture of the skin and collagen volume are still good.

Once we tip over the 30 year mark, drinking water and using creams won’t be enough. To preserve a youthful look we turn to botox or dermal fillers. The loss of volume in the cheeks and the deep folds that develop over time can become filled and  replenished with a dermal filler. Wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyes get relaxed with botox.

There are some things we can do on our own at home to maintain smooth texture of the skin.

microneedling-faceMicro-needle Therapy happens to be my favorite treatment. In my opinion, it has replaced the overly expensive “Fractional Non-Ablative Laser Procedure”.

For everyday use, purchase an o.3 ml micro needle roller, it’ll be enough  to stimulate collagen production and thicken the top layer of the skin. A 0.5 mm will help your cream to penetrate below the epidermis.

For those of us who love a topical vitamin C cream – wait until you see the skin texture improvements when you combine micro needle roller 0.5 and topical vitamin C.

Kelly Gould shared an interesting review of her experiment with microneedling.

Dr. Sheal from Derm TV on the other hand recommends a daily glycolic acid peel. It helps exfoliate top dead layer of the skin.


Facial Skin Rejuvenation

At 40 years of age and forward is the time when gravity really begins to show its presence and rejuvenation is required to make a noticeable improvements in ones facial appearance.

The latest trend in the anti-aging community is PRP treatment, where the body self healing process is used to stimulated collagen production and repair the skin’s texture; also known as platelet rich plasmatherapy.

Kardashians some time ago published a video of her getting the treatment “Vampire Facial” done, well that was a PRP treatment with a fancy name.

Vampire Facelift, is when PRP treatment is combined with dermal fillers –  I consider this as non-invasive facelift.

IN CLOSING, what makes us look younger is what we see in the mirror, a facial appearance. Skin, cheeks, wrinkles, texture of the skin are these elements. It is a way of time and gravity and we can’t stop it but we do have options that provide real results and fast.

I don’t want to leave behind things like: exercise, healthy diet and life style, nutrition – all these are important. If done right and consistent it helps to stay healthy and as a result your body and skin will look better. This is for long term improvements.

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  1. My face normal , no skin problem, but wrinkle form around My neck many more ,if you can give any suggestion please,

  2. Raja, wrinkles on the neck you can relax with botox. If wrinkles are fine and tiny, I would start at home with a daily 0.3 microneedle roller and immediately apply a topical vitamin C 15-20 % cream.

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