If you are bewildered by the array of dietary supplements on the market, you’re not alone.We know we need our essential vitamins and minerals, plus antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and other boosters that may be particular to our individual health.

But how do you choose? Each package makes a claim for potency, value, dosage, efficacy. How to separate the hype from the healthful?

Here is one important clue: Bio-availability– how much of the substance your body can absorb and use– is one very vital factor.

vitamins, how to choose good supplements

Normal digestive processes can take up to four hours, and during that time some of the nutritional value of the vitamin or mineral is lost. If a vitamin has been prepared with a rough filler or binder material, some of it may never make it to the bloodstream but will instead pass directly to the small intestine and then out the chute.

The expensive and valuable product that you’ve bought will then be part of the waste stream, in more ways than one.

To avoid throwing away your money as well as the health benefits you need, keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Chewable tablets, so popular for children’s vitamins, are often high in sugar. The sugar actually displaces some of the active ingredient, so beware that you’re not overpaying for something you can buy in a 10-pound sack.
  • Tablets and capsules are held together by binders and fillers– benign but not effective materials that are added just for composition’s sake. These might include lubricants to speed digestion, or materials that speed the breakdown of the tablet.
  • Liquid supplements are designed for people who have trouble swallowing pills. They may be flavored and go down easily. However, liquids usually need some type of preservative to keep them fresh on the shelf, and so you are again paying premium prices for a common chemical.

The best delivery system for supplements is labeled isotonix.

Isotonix substances mirror the body’s chemistry as it occurs in blood, mucus, and tears. Thus the substance is compatible with human chemistry. Nutrients delivered in this type of medium are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. You get maximum benefit from your health intervention.

which vitamins are better? comparison pills vs isotonix supplements

There are many good products on the market today, but a simple reading of the ingredients might not ensure that you’re getting what you pay for. Unless you recognize and trust the brand, and understand certain key words like binder or isotonic, you could may be throwing your money– and to some extent, your health– down the drain.

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