Cellular Laboratories Rebirth Serum

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Cellular Laboratories Re-Birth Serum contains the world’s first, synthetic, growth hormone-like material to help reduce the appearance of the visible signs of skin aging, Helps protect the skin against the effects of pollution as it promotes skin’s defenses against the most prevalent cause of wrinkles and natural degradation, reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles

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Single Bottle (1.0 fl. oz.)

Key Ingredients Found in Cellular Laboratories® Re-Birth Serum: Nano-Claire GYA synthetic, growth hormone-like material stabilized in nano-sized liposomes with proven ability to fight the aging process and promote the appearance of young cellular skin components. Aquaxyl A dual function ingredient that increases skin moisturization. Lumiskin A material designed to support the skin’s healthy glow and luminosity. Unisurrection A bioactive complex which protects and supports the skin’s natural immune response. Sodium Hyaluronate Affords the skin with a long lasting, moisturization effect. Human Growth Hormone Bio-engineered HGH-like substance that helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and promotes healthy cellular vitality. Sodium Levulinate A natural preservative.


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