Microcannulas with blunt tips for filler injections have recently been developed for use with dermal fillers. Their utility, ease of use, cosmetic outcomes, perceived pain, and satisfaction ratings amongst patients in terms of comfort and aesthetic outcomes when compared to sharp hypodermic needles has not previously been investigated.

In the  publication (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23135654), Dr. James Fulton MD, PhD explains results of trial study on 95 patients with an objection to compare injections of dermal filler with microcannulas versus hypodermic needles in terms of ease of use, amount of filler required to achieve desired aesthetic outcome, perceived pain by patient, adverse events such as bleeding and bruising and to demonstrate the advantages of single-port injection technique with the blunt-tip microcannula.

Lets Compare sharp needle bs Cannula for Dermal Fillers

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