immune-systemMost of the time, we don’t get sick even though we are surrounded by dangerous disease-carrying organisms. It’s worthwhile, though, to think from time to time about how our bodies can boost the immune system and avoid not only nuisance diseases such as the common cold, but also major infections that might be life-threatening.

There are many fronts on the battlefield of the immune system– bodily organs or systems that work overtime to protect us. Among these shields are white blood cells and anti-bodies; skin and the spleen; the lymphatic system; and hormones.

How, you might ask, is it possible to help strengthen such a diverse array of protective defenses? 

Well, one good start is to examine your lifestyle.

Medical science has discovered that certain lifestyle factors affect a person’s immune system. One of the chief soldiers in the war against disease is diet. Nutritional deficiencies or over consumption can lead to disorders such as scurvy or diabetes.

That’s why doctors have long advocated a diet high in fruits and vegetables, low in saturated fats, and moderate consumption of sweets and alcohol.

Certain foods contain antioxidants to help strengthen the body’s immunity. Popular foods such as bright orange vegetables and fruits (carrots, sweet potatoes, and cantaloupe) are high in nutrients that protect the cells from damage.

 At the same time, we can limit some foods that work against the body’s natural defenses. Obesity and lack of exercise have both been shown in laboratory studies to contribute to a weaker immune system. Also, diets that contain too much sugar or saturated fat seem to lead to immune deficiencies.

sleepThe body needs other fuel besides just food. Sleep is a critical component.

You may have noticed that you are more susceptible to colds and flu during a period when you’re working too hard or not getting enough rest.

Stress is a known factor in overall health. Research shows that stressed-out animals are more likely to get sick than their less-anxious counterparts.

vitamins-supplementsMore help is available in the form of supplements that are geared towards bolstering the immune system. Multivitamins, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids are all good tools in your fight against infectious disease and age-related immune deficiencies.

While your body has a formidable defense system– beginning with antibodies which we make as soon as we are exposed to a specific antigen, to the physical barriers such as skin and mucus membranes, to the internal infection fighters like white blood cells– it never hurts to be aware of the various assaults we face in everyday life.

For such an important task, the human body can use all the help our intelligence and science can provide. In today’s environment, it’s important not to relax your defense against disease.


How all this related to aging? It’s very simple: every time you become sick your body turns into a battlefield. Inflammation, toxins, temperature, blood pressure all putting strength on your body biological systems. After all settle down and virus is destroyed and escorted out –  your body still repairing itself from the damage that was made. It may take weeks or month for your body to recover. Sometime it takes years.

Our goal is to keep body healthy and prevent sickness at any cost.

Wish You Health, Alex Zander.

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