anti aging expert, alex zanderAlex Zander, is a Nutraceutical and Anti-Aging Consultant, Health Coach, founder of The Ageless Society, creator of a Didra, Postpartum Weight Loss Program. Author of books on human aging “The Aging Theories” & “10 Biological Processes”. He is a fellow member of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, member of Life Extension Foundation & other organizations leading the anti-aging field.

Renou de Bure, PhD, is a biomedical gerontologist & member of Rejuvenation Research, the world’s highest program focused on aging and longevity. He received PhD from the University of Cambridge in 1987 and 2002. Dr. Renou de Bure is a Fellow of Gerontological Society and the American Aging Association He sits on the editorial and scientific advisory boards of numerous journals and organizations.

Debra Monson, PhD, holds a master’s & doctorate from the California Institute of Technology (She has specialized in human therapeutics including vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, product development, nutraceuticals formulations, artificial intelligence, hormones, and nutritional supplementation. She authored numerous articles and served as an editor for the Journal of Medicinal Food. 

Jonathan Davis, MD, is medical director of the Tankom Clinic in Western, VA. Received his MD from the University of Massachusetts and has taught natural biochemical medical treatments since 1981. Dr. Davis pioneered the use of bio identical hormones and DHEA in daily medical practice. He has authored 15 books and publishes Nutrition and Wellness, a monthly newsletter with a 120,000 circulation.

Cheryl Bryan, RN, the author of an inspirational book “It’s My World Too”. Trained at the University Hospital of the West Indies. Earned bachelor degree in nursing from Nova Southeastern University and presently completing Masters degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She has a passion and presently writing a book on the role that hormones play in our bodies and changes that occur with the aging process.

Chi Shum, MD, is a board certified neurosurgeon, trainer, and lecturer. He recently retired from his neurosurgical practice to devote his time to nutritional and anti-aging studies and research. He has written numerous journal articles and books and currently publishes a monthly nutrition newsletter, The Wellness Report.

David V, Shmansten, MD, is director of the Youth and Wellness Foundation in New York City. Dr. Shmansten received his BA from Pennsylvania University and his MD from New York University Medical School. He is the author of Younger You (2006) and Younger Thinner You (2009) and over 50 research papers and is clinical assistant professor of integrative medicine in the Barvin Weldon Medical College.

John Boldnik, PhD, is the author of two books on cancer therapy, Cancer and Natural Medicine (1996) and Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy (2001). He obtained his PhD at the University Of New York Graduate School Of Biomedical Sciences with research at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, focusing on screening models to identify new anticancer drugs. He is currently leading a nonprofit cancer research.

Francesca Erikson, MD, is an anti-aging specializing in facial rejuvenation for 10 years. She has a private practice in Munich Germany. In her integrative approach to longevity she is working together with an international network of experts to improve treatment outcomes for patients with a special focus on natural and translational medicine.

Larry Bloomberg DOC, DO, is a licensed osteopathic physician and chiropractor. He completed a NIH Fellowship in nutrition at UAB. Board certified in family medicine with a CNS in nutrition, he is currently the medical director at Orange County Hospital. He is responsible for 1,100-1,200 patient’s’ medical needs.

Deborah F. Colen, MD, is founder of the Colen Anti-Aging Center. She is triple board certified in internal medicine, sleep disorder medicine, and anti-aging medicine. She also earned the Cenegenics certification in age management medi­cine. She is a faculty member of the new University of Central Florida Medical School.

Alan T. Denvik, MD, is a board certified cardiologist who specializes in cardiovascular disease prevention. He serves as medical director for the Cardiovascular Prevention Institute of North Carolina and is a noted national speaker on heart disease prevention.

Richard Moss, MD is a member of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and is on the medical staffs of Sinai Hospital, Baltimore.  Specializing in anti-aging medicine, disease prevention, chelation therapy, and natural hormone replacement therapy.