Can DNA be reprogrammed? Well, it depends on why you’re asking that question. Remember the movie Captain America? The main character was transformed from a skinny, 5’6”boy to a 6’2”, strong, well built superhero. That’s what DNA reprogramming can do.


So, if you want to reprogram your DNA to do something like that – I am afraid I have to give you bad news – that technology is not here just yet.

On the other hand, if your goal is to:

  • Find out what diseases you are predisposed to
  • Learn how to stay healthy as you age
  • And take custom anti-aging formula based on your DNA variation so you can improve your health and body systems function

Then you can positively alter your programmed DNA mechanism to your advantage.

Nutrigenomics is the scientific field that actively specializes in this subject. It is the study of how specific nutrients can affect our DNA specifically in the way our genes are expressed. Yes, your genes are your genes and they cannot be changed but you can affect how effective they are in the processes of:

  • Metabolizing the foods
  • Removing toxins
  • The function of your heart, liver and other organs
  • How fast skin rejuvenates
  • And every other process in your body.

DNA reprogramming is no longer fiction. This technology became available to us in 2005 and it is much more advanced today.

                                    “Our genetic code is a board of messages, switches and rules. Understanding how your body is programmed will help you to live peacefully in your own body.”

Here are the areas that you can positively change with the assistance of Nutrigenomics.

  • Detoxification
  • Immune Function
  • Inflammation
  • Heart Health
  • Alcohol Metabolism
  • Cholesterol
  • Bone Health
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Fitness and muscle development
  • Weight Management

If your goal is to live a long and healthy life – this is where you begin your journey.

So where do you start?

The first step is to have your DNA tested. If you’re imagining this process as a visit to some scientific lab then you probably have been watching too many science fiction movie. These days DNA testing comes to your home in the mail and is extremely simple to do. You swipe the skin on the inside of your cheek, place the sample in a container that is included in your package and ship it back in the prepaid envelop. From there on it is a science.


Once the sample has been tested, you will receive:

  • A book of your genetic variation and solutions to those variations
  • A custom formula of nutritional supplements that you can take to affect your genes expression.


Can DNA be reprogrammed? No. Can its functions be modified and affected?  Yes, but until scientists can find a way to reprogram our genetic code we must utilize the available scientific innovations.

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