Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Alex Zander, health coach and anti-aging consultant.


alex-zanderAs founder of The Ageless Society and anti-aging expert, I have a proven track record in sharing my passion and hard-won wisdom, by counseling individuals such as yourself.

Here’s a little background. Born in rural Russia, I was raised on folk wisdom. In school, I was fascinated by chemistry and biology; those subjects came easily to me. When I was 19, I suffered a horrendous accident that nearly ended my life. I emerged from this near-tragedy with a mission: to achieve my highest potential for health and human performance and to help others do the same.

Some natural phenomena puzzled me to the point where I became obsessed.

Such as aging and longevity, for instance:

– How does the body function? What keeps it at top form and what causes it to fail?
– Why do some people gain weight, losing their hair and vitality as they grow older, while others seem to improve with age?
– Why do some people look frail and wrinkled as they age, and suffer from weak muscle tone and poor memory?
– Why, in fact, do people age? What is longevity?

As a health coach, I dedicated my efforts to learning about the aging process. I studied how chemicals in food and the environment can affect us; how our bodies are controlled by our hormones; how research on antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are pushing the natural human lifespan to new frontiers . . .


Not everybody benefits from this knowledge. While breakthroughs occur on a regular basis– showing how we can banish allergies, auto-immune disorders, even cancer– most people do not follow the progress or the science. Maybe they don’t have time.

In my own circle of friends, I notice that some have started to gain weight. They look older, more wrinkled. They don’t have the energy for activities we formerly enjoyed on weekends. Some complain about their sex lives.

Meanwhile, I am increasingly excited about how much control we have over the aging process, and how we really can stop the clock!

Anti-aging is now a serious science. You may know people who have the disposable income to invest in a healthful lifestyle, good food, supplements, and advice from experts. They seem to get results, don’t they?

My long years of study and consuming passion on this subject have attracted individuals who wish to benefit from my expertise. For this reason, I created The Ageless Society, which is dedicated to accumulating and then passing along the knowledge we have amassed about longevity and optimal health.

At the Ageless Society, we compile vast resources and information that is constantly coming on-stream and deliver it to you, saving you time and money– not to mention your precious health and well-being.

We strongly believe that with current innovations in the medical, nutraceutical, genetic, and technological fields, normal aging should not be an option– and it is far from inevitable.

Contact me to start your journey to control weight, retain muscle, have energy to spare, and slow down the aging process– to achieve your highest potential.

Join the growing ranks of The Ageless Society and start turning back the clock, today.



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